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Introducing Blazeo

Why is ApexChat changing to Blazeo™?

Thousands of clients use ApexChat everyday to spark new revenue growth and drive higher ROI.

Blazeo, which is derived from the word Blaze, evokes a sense of passion, speed, and energy. A “Blaze” is captivating, illuminates, and represents explosive growth. Blazeo encapsulates our mission to ignite such growth for our customers and partners by delivering innovation with passion, speed, and energy. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a brand switch?

The name ApexChat implies that we are primarily a chat company, which is no longer true. We have many offerings, such as call center services, AI, Appointment setting, SMS Enablement, Market Automation, and Sales acceleration (Q2 2024), that go beyond chat. The new name will not only allow us to convey the breadth of our offering but will also better convey our company’s mission and values.

Will there be any alterations to the services/plans provided?

No. Our services/plans we provide will not change.

Will this impact my current plan subscription or service agreement?

No. Your current plan subscription and/or service agreement will remain unchanged.

Will there be any changes to the Live Chat functionality or features?

No, there won't be any changes to the Live Chat functionality or features.

Will there be any adjustments to my account/login/credentials information?

We are taking steps to ensure this change has no impact on your account/login/credentials information.

Will there be any revisions to the terms of service or privacy policy?

Other than replacing the name from ApexChat to Blazeo on terms of service or privacy policy, no other changes are needed.

How will this impact our ongoing support and communication with your team?

This will have no impact on our support and communications with your team. We will continue to place your success as our number one goal.

Will there be any modifications to billing or payment methods?

No. We will take every measure to avoid your billing or payment methods have any modifications.

Will the brand change affect our CRM integration?

No. The CRM integration will not be impacted by the brand change.

Will there be any changes to the integration process or setup instructions?

No. Again, the integration process or setup instructions will remain unchanged.

Will the brand change affect our Facebook/Google My Business management services?

There will be no impact to your Facebook/Google My Business management services.

Will there be any changes to other services not mentioned in the brand change announcement?

No. There will not be any changes to any other services not mentioned in this brand change.

How will the brand change affect future service offerings or updates?

This brand change will only impact future service offerings or updates in a positive way, by enabling us to engineer more offerings that only support your growth and success.